president director

President Director

Bambang Purwadi

Carbohydrate is absolutely necessary for human lives. Carbohydrate can be more easily and inexpensively obtained through rice consumption compared to any other sources

Indonesia’s rapid population growth accompanied by fast economic growth has led to the significant increase of rice requirements both in quantity and quality. At the same time, the farmland has been decreasing owing to the housing and industrial growth. These have created a problem in satisfying the needs for food in Indonesia.

Seeing the above issues, the Indonesian government makes every effort to increase the rice production through intensification and extension of rice fields in the forms of the creation of new rice fields, modernization of agricultural equipment, agricultural methods, irrigation development, and the use of superior rice seeds.

In line with the government's program to increase the rice production, PT. BIOGENE PLANTATION has been developing and producing SEMBADA hybrid rice seeds. SEMBADA hybrid rice seeds have quantitative advantages compared to IMBRIDA rice seeds. SEMBADA hybrid rice seeds can produce around 3 tons of dry grain per hectare. In addition to the better quality, SEMBADA varieties can also produce better flavours of rice to meet various tastes of the consumers from various regions. So far, PT. BIOGENE PLANTATION has produced nine SEMBADA rice seed varieties that have been planted by farmers across Indonesia.

Thanks to the hard work of all staff and employees, PT.BIOGENE PLANTATION has gained a recognition in the form of an ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP certificates. This has motivated the whole management to continuously improve the quality of products in order to improve the farmers’ welfare and meet the needs of the consumers. These efforts are in line with the motto of SEMBADA, being with the farmers, we realize food SWA SEMBADA (self-sufficiency).